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We are so pleased to be able to offer Primary School students the opportunity to explore Singing, Dancing and Drama in a familiar environment. It's so exciting to bring our nurturing and fun workshops to schools in Berkshire and Bedfordshire.

What We Do

First things first - we start with a vote on what show we are going to work on for the term!

At the start, each session is split to 3 equal chunks of focussed drama, singing and dance, as below, then as the show 'comes together' we start merging all the elements culminating on our 'run' of the show and our end-of-term performance....


1) Warm up - Fun games and exercises to increase energy, boost confidence and focus the mind. We also use mindfulness techniques to help 'leave the troubles of the day' behind so they can really embody their characters! 

2) Improvisation (or ''improv') - Students are split into groups and are set a task. This can be set something as simple as a word, an event or even something abstract like a colour as inspiration, and they can interpret that however they feel. This helps them feel free to be silly and foolish in a safe environment - we only ever laugh WITH each other - so we feel free to make mistakes in our scenes, songs and dances without fear of ridicule. It helps those with leadership skills to come forward and those more shy to build confidence in a smaller group. Every group is supported in their creations.

3) Scripts - Where appropriate, we might use scripts to structure our performance piece. These will be edited to make sure EVERYONE gets their moment to shine - IF THEY WANT IT - no pressure, no stress. We do encourage those less confident to step a little more out of their comfort zone every few weeks and hope that this means every child in class will be happy to get up and perform at the end of term AND ENJOY IT!

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1) Vocal warm up - Fun songs and funny exercises to warm up and protect the vocal chords ready for an epic sing-out!

2) Learning - Using 'call-and-response' techniques, we teach the students the words and tune so they grow confident - with or without being able to read the lyrics - and can practice at home. Learning song words is a great way to help students apply their reading skills if they are confident enough, without any expectation, and those that need it are supported every step along the way.

3) Expression - Once we know the words and tune, we start to introduce Acting Through Song and Projection to really get them singing their hearts out and understanding how to change expression vocally and physically - where a song demands it.


1) Physical warm up - We use current Pop and Musical Theatre songs to warm up and protect the body ready to dance your socks off!

2) Technique - We encourage students to learn the basics of dance technique, for example, engaging the core to help them turn without falling over, or improving posture to represent a strong character or theme in the song. This uses the imagination to improve dance technique so they look confident and have a strong body to articulate the awesome moves!

3) Learning - Using 'demonstrate and repeat' techniques, we teach the students the steps so they can practice at home, and also encourage them to act while they are dancing! Learning moves in a team, and expressing music and emotion boosts confidence and releases good-feeling endorphins so they always leave with a smile!

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